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I have been thinking that we type a lot of boilerplate code demanded by the technology before the business logic code.

Even though, as a backend developer, using Spring Boot Annotation, Lombok and maven archetype project doesn’t completely solve this issue. Why didn’t we already automate the development process itself?

After some research, I found JHipster which is a rapid application development platform for java web applications and microservices.

Some of the JHipster options

  • Generate simple monolith web applications

  • Generate complete microservice architecture

  • Generate domain model (entities)

  • Generate Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines

  • Deploy to the cloud or containers

I am using JHipster because I am tired of

  • Create/Type entity classes

  • Create/Type Repository, Services and Controllers classes with CRUD code

  • Create integration test for CRUD operation

  • Create DTO classes

  • Create Mapper classes

  • Configure liquibase

  • Configure Security

  • Configure spring application yml for each environment

    • Database connection

    • Spring profiles

    • Set framework/library properties

  • Manually keep spring boot and the project dependencies updated

  • Create yml files to deploy on Kubernetes

I hope you have the time to try out JHipster. If you have any questions or just want to say something, please, use the comment section 😊

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