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Hands on

Here I will show you how to debug the jhipster import-jdl command with an inline entity example. I am using VSCode with Windows 10.

jhipster import-jdl --inline 'entity RenanClass(RenanTable) { testString String }'
  1. First clone the generator-jhipster into a folder, and follow the instructions below:

    Set NPM to use the cloned project

  2. Then open the generator-jhipster root folder and your VSCode will look like that:


    VSCode with generator-jhipster folder
  3. Click at the bottom to change the Auto Attach to Smart.

  4. Click on Debug icon (left) :


    VSCode Debug View

    You will see at the top left some debug options. There are many options pre-configured for different commands. Choose the jhipster import-jdl and click on the setting icon:


    VSCode JHipster Debug Options
  5. Make a copy of jhipster import-dl configuration and change it to be like that:

             "type": "node",  
             "request": "launch",  
             "name": "CUSTOM jhipster import-jdl",  
             "program": "${workspaceFolder}/cli/jhipster.js",  
             "args": [  
                 "entity RenanClass(RenanTable) { testString String }",  
             "cwd": "${workspaceFolder}/test-integration/samples/app-sample-dev/",  
             "console": "integratedTerminal"  


    VSCode launch.json
  6. Choose the new debug option CUSTOM jhipster import-jdl and hit the play button:


    VSCode run Debug
  7. My suggestion for your first breakpoint. Open the file cli\jhipster.js and put the breakpoint at line 50:

    if (preferLocal) {

  8. If everything works and you got the execution stopped at the first breakpoint, I will recommend another one. Open file cli\jdl.js and put the breakpoint at line 48:

    logger.debug(jdlFiles: ${toString(jdlFiles)});

You could get this failure message

PS C:\Users\Renan\Documents\JHipster\TUTORIALS\how_debug_with_vscode\generator-jhipster\test-integration\samples\app-sample-dev>  ${env:NODE_OPTIONS}='--require "c:/Users/Renan/AppData/Local/Programs/Microsoft VS Code Insiders/resources/app/extensions/ms-vscode.js-debug/src/bootloader.bundle.js" --inspect-publish-uid=http'; ${env:VSCODE_INSPECTOR_OPTIONS}='{"inspectorIpc":"\\\\.\\pipe\\node-cdp.10508-2.sock","deferredMode":false,"waitForDebugger":"","execPath":"C:\\Program Files\\nodejs\\node.exe","onlyEntrypoint":false,"autoAttachMode":"always","fileCallback":"C:\\Users\\Renan\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\node-debug-callback-f76952482a888dfe"}'; & 'C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe' '.\..\..\..\cli\jhipster.js' 'import-jdl' '--inline' 'entity RenanClass(RenanTable) { testString String }' '-d'  
Debugger attached.  
Waiting for the debugger to disconnect...  
  throw err;  
  ^Error: Cannot find module 'semver'

To solve this misconfiguration go to generator-jhipster root folder and confirm that you executed the following command:

npm link

Then go to the test-integration\samples\app-sample-dev folder (if you hit the play button again, you are already there). After that, execute this command:

npm link generator-jhipster

Then run this command:

jhipster --skip-jhipster-dependencies

Now, hit the debug button and it will work smoothly =) !

That is all. Thank you for your attention

All steps I mentioned above are described at the I’ve never work with node.js, yeoman, and ejs before. Because that, I had to read the instructions over and over again until I figured out how to make it works.

In my opinion, the do the job, but we have to study to understand it.

Thank you JHipster!

Lastly, let me extend an invitation to join me on my journey 🚀 in the realm of software development. I share my insights, experiences, and valuable resources on Twitter @renan_afranca 🐦 and LinkedIn 📎. Following me on these platforms not only keeps you updated on my latest posts and projects 📬 but also opens doors to vibrant discussions and learning opportunities. I look forward to connecting with you! 💼

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