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I am going to stop blogging weekly before I failed. I am going to explain why.

Since I started blogging (last month😅, I am a beginner) I have been using exclusively my phone to write my blog posts because I had to take care of my baby girl. That’s leading me to create the following interesting post:

Then I realized that you enjoyed the objective content and it’s getting better if there is a short screen capture video showing how to. Here is another blog post with a short video:

As InHuOfficial said in his blog post:

It is much better to release an article regularly every 2 or 4 weeks than it is to release sporadically (I should know, I was guilty of this). People quickly pick up on patterns, even subconsciously, so if you post at a certain time at a regular interval people will start anticipating your articles.

I am carefully trying to say that I am not going to vanish 🥴! But I don’t know yet the interval that I am going to publish the next articles.

Why now?

Post quality

I will need to screen capture my notebook for the following posts, so I will need more time to make it happens.


Some opportunities appear because I am blogging. So I need more free time to grab those opportunities and see what is going to happen 😆.

Last week I participated in Twitter Space hosted by @TheSohini and @avdev4j

I didn’t expect talk in the end and after the space @avdev4j said that want to elaborate something to we do together. Until now I didn’t talk to him about that 🤦‍♂️, but I will be available now 😉

Reading & Engaging

I have 90 articles pending to read and join the discussion. How am I going to write if I don’t have time to read, sometimes interesting subjects appear even in the discussion section.

Buffer my posts

My first blog post was on Tuesday, the next week was on Wednesday, then Thursday and now on Friday. It is crystal clear that I couldn’t keep up this pace.

So I decided that before I come back to publish again I am going to build up a buffer. I don’t know if I will buffer 3 or 5 blog posts before publishing again.

I do know that with that buffer I won’t feel the pressure to create another post immediately.

Lastly, let me extend an invitation to join me on my journey 🚀 in the realm of software development. I share my insights, experiences, and valuable resources on Twitter @renan_afranca 🐦 and LinkedIn 📎. Following me on these platforms not only keeps you updated on my latest posts and projects 📬 but also opens doors to vibrant discussions and learning opportunities. I look forward to connecting with you! 💼

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